This page informs the announcements for the 75th annual meeting (planned in June 2023 at the Nanzan University). Please check this page for the information about the 75th annual meeting since now.

Previous annual meetings information (in Japanese) is available.

* This page is also available in Japanese from here.

The 6th circular of the 75th annual meeting

Finalized Program (in Japanese) is available now. Abstracts (pdfs) are linked from the program.

The 5th circular of the 75th annual meeting

Tentative Program (2023.5.12, in Japanese) is available now.

The 4th circular of the 75th annual meeting

Extention of deadline to join

Deadline for registration to join has been extended to 24th May 2023.

Announcement from the management committee

Guide for the 75th meeting (pdf. in Japanese) explains the fee to join the meeting (with party information) and how to pay through bank transfer. Please pay the fee in advance by this way as possible as you can.

The 3rd circular of the 75th annual meeting

Call for travel grant

(please see the message in Japanese)

The 2nd circular of the 75th annual meeting

23rd February 2023 -> modified on 30th April 2023

Dear PAOJ members,

The detailed plans of 75th meeting is available as pdf file (in Japanese, sorry).

We request the registration to join the meeting and the submission of presentation application as below.

1. Registration for the participation

If you plan to join the meeting, please register from the form below. Deadline is 17:00 on 30th April 2023 24th May 2023.

2. Application for presentation

If you plan to do presentation in the meeting, please apply from the form below. Application deadline is 17:00 on 22nd 25th March 2023 (Due to server troubles, prolonged. If you face trouble in application, please retry after several hours or change your browser).

Regulation on presentation submission is available in Japanese as this pdf file.

The abstract can be revised from after submisssion until 17:00 on 30th April 2023.

Tentative schedule is shown below.

Submission of abstract23rd February to 22nd 25th March
Registration of participation23rd February to 30th April24th May
Decision of Accept/RejectEarly April
Deadline of revision of abstract30th April
Tentative programMid May
Final program fixEnd of May

The first circular of the 75th annual meeting

On 21st September 2022, the first circular of the 75th annual meeting is available in Japanese.

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